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      Hello doctor,

      This is the last time I am writing, because I don’t want to be boring to you anymore.

      I can definitely be sure that the condom did not break or something like that, but cannot be sure if there was small microscope-sized break or something like that, but I’ve heard that condoms are designed in a way if they break there will be a larger break – something like that.

      Anyway, the same day after the sex I had painful urination and things like that, so I’m pretty sure I got something, but I hope it’s not HIV because these symptoms came too early…

      Thanks and good luck.

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      Dr. Leo Lust

      Hello Myquestion!

      Tiny breaks in the structure of the condom don’t cause a risk. See our FAQ:

      If you have pain you have to visit an urologist. Many STDs as gonorrhea and chlamydia cause pain durin urination. 


      Dr. Leo Lust

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