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      Hello doctor,

      First of all, sorry because I am writing in English – my German is not good. I hope you will help me with the answer.

      My case is definitely a rare case. I had a sex (protected – I hope so). Just after the sex, I started developing strange symptoms (not days, not weeks after the sex – they started almost 2 -3 hours after):

      – Night sweats
      – Fever
      – Diarrhea
      – White tongue
      – Lymph node (14 days after the exposure)
      – Red spots on the skin
      – Some strange changes on the skin

      I have found that HIV symptoms don’t occur immedeately, but who knows ?? 

      After 4 weeks with symptoms, there was 4 weeks without symptoms and they appeared again:

      – Lymph node
      – One-time diarrhea
      – Night sweats
      – Fever

      I will test as soon as possible, but what’s worse, that one my family member started expiriencing the same thing (4 weeks symptoms, 4 weeks of nothing, and symptoms again?!). I am not sure how this can be a big coincidence (to get these symptoms after the sex – before that my health was perfect). I know HIV is not transmited by social contact, but I am not what’s happening with us..

      Thank you

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      Dr. Leo Lust

      Hello Myquestion!

      If you had sex with condom you had no risk for HIV. That’s the reason why your symptoms have other causes than an infection with HIV.



      Dr. Leo Lust




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