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      Thank you doctor for your answer. Just one more question:

      Yes, I had a sex with condom, but obviously I am not sure if it broke or something like that – I haven’t seen it. 

      Anyway, can these symptoms come from another infection – I really don’t understand this as a big coincidence (just after the sex I got white tongue and later a lymph node). If I got another infection it could mean that this sex wasn’t protected, right?

      Everyone is talking that HIV symptoms cannot show after one day, but…

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      Dr. Leo Lust

      Hello Myquestion!

      Only you can calculate if your condom broke or not. You are your own expert in this matter. According to your own calculation you had a risk (if the condom broke) or not. No, these are not symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection. But you should visit a medical doctor to get a diagnosis. 


      Dr. LL

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